The Eagle Rock formation in Warner Springs

Eagle Rock expresses the creative serendipity of nature itself.

Very little imagination is required to experience the transformation from rocky boulders to powerful talisman: an eagle spreading its wings.  Eagle Rock Trail follows a small, picturesque section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  A forest path initially winds along the tree-shaded banks of diminutive San Ysidro Creek. Majestic old oak trees, hidden from view of the road, stretch their heavy limbs out over the path.

The path rises into mountain chapparal, studded with eye-catching red-wooded manzanita.  The path turns around the bend of a small hill, and suddenly opens onto a vast vista of grassy meadows.

From there it is just a brief hike to the Eagle rock transformation. Eagle rock is also a lizard rookery. The few dots you see are lizards. As the sun came up, many more lizards appeared.

Emerging from the night.

I wanted to photograph eagle rock as the sun came up–a time lapse series.  We needed a flashlight at first to focus the cameras in the dark.  Move your mouse over the picture below to see the result.

The rock is a natural sculpture, capturing in stone that magical moment of lift off; a bird-of-prey freeing itself from the bonds of the earth and taking to the air.  My spirit was especially moved as I watched it appear from pre-dawn darkness, into the light of a newly risen day.


Is a glimpse of Eagle Rock elusive?

As I stood with my camera, taking in the awe-inspiring sight of dawn light filling the wings of the eagle with rosy warmth, a hiker walked up along the trail, attentively reading his trailguide.

He took several more steps without looking at the rocks.  He then looked up at me, and asked, “Where is the best place to view the eagle?”   We both had a good chuckle when I pointed over his other shoulder.

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